Forms-Based Codes, Pendekatan Penataan Ruang Kawasan Binaandi Perkotaan

Yohannes Firzal


In the term of creating more livable urban community, zoning focuses on separating land uses that aims for functionality and development of individual lot. Zoning usually become as tools to response problems assosiated with overcrowding in urban community and the intrusion of residential areas. In other hand, zoning can result some problems into urban community its self. In many instances, even this conventional zoning are the major contribute creating in urban area, another alternatives should be reveal to creating better urban community, one of this known as Form-based Codes (FBC). FBC allows for a mixture of land use upon context of building form that as regulations to creating more livable urban community. As a result, this compatibility of uses can achieved through design and orientation, preserve the assets and character of community to maintain more humanscale environment.
Keyword: Zoning, Form-based codes

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